He also starts to act more like a leader in the Cardfight Club. He is first seen in his Hitsue Middle School uniform which is mostly all gray with white linings along with a red sweater under it. After he starts playing Vanguard, he starts to come out of his shell and appears more confident in himself, resulting in a boost on his Cardfight skills. Aichi is a student in Hitsue Middle School. Image 1 During the fight, Ibuki's Deletor units are revealed to the audience and Aichi. Cardfight Vanguard Vge-v-td01-en Aichi Sendou d'essai du Pont. When Kai mentioned on how his precious mates had went through all of this just to take him back, he ignored his words and replied that no matter how strong the bonds are, they won't be able to save him. Deck(s) Takuto explains to Aichi that beating him at his strongest will activate the best of Aichi's PSY Qualia, strengthening Aichi's connection with Blaster Blade, and Undeleting him. Heading to Card Capital in order to reclaim the card. After his fate was changed by his friends and Planet Cray, he was able to relieve his burdens of the future. Avatar Card(s) However, he and the other finalists are drawn to Cray via a portal connecting Cray to Earth, where he learns the VF Circuit's true purpose; Cray is in danger of a threat known as Void, and is responsible for the sealing of the clans who united the others. He is a somewhat shy and timid young man who wishes to be a Vanguard Fighter, but has never had the chance to have a real fight until his second encounter with Kai. Blaster Blade told Aichi that he will always be with him. Initially, Aichi is shown to be student at Hitsue Middle School, having his Blaster Blade forcefully taken from by Katsumi Morikawa. Voice Actor(s) He also has a cold and cruel look on his face due to Link Joker's effects, and the signature black and red aura. As opposed to the former's kind outlook towards vanguard, this version of Aichi held a conflicted hatred towards the game. Il est sorti pour la première fois au Japon le 08 Janvier 2011 chez l'éditeur TV Tokyo et s'est terminé le 31 Mars 2012. He earned the respect of Neve through their first cardfight, even as far as Neve addressing him as 'Lord'. Japanese: 先導アイチ He finally was able to completely snap out of Link Joker's possession when Neve received Judgement from his own prison and fainted after he was carried back to the throne. Following on from the start point of the -IF- series in the now restored history, Aichi heads to a Vanguard event along with Emi, meeting with Ibuki along the way. In the Cardfight!! Although Blaster Blade was just a card to many people, Aichi has always counted on him to support him and always calls him his avatar. Tempted by the promise of strength, he willingly takes the power of Reverse and the Link Joker clan so he can face Aichi one on one as his equal. Upon arrival at the shop, Kai and Aichi see Team Asteroid surrounded by his friends with blank black cards scattered on the table in front of them. Even though Aichi chose to seal himself away to prevent the Link Joker invasion from happening again, Blaster Blade even went as far as entrusting to Kai his strength in order to save Aichi and Cray's future. Confident that he can bring back Kai, he does well against Link Joker for the first time. Birthday: In episode 191, he woke up and saved Kourin from the Link Joker miasma after her loss to Naoki and commented to her on how she had taken on his suffering again. Après les événements de [url=" Next → Asia Circuit (season 2) List of Cardfight!! After the Link Joker invasion, in between the events of season 3 and 4, he was able to meet the respective Quatre Knights locations, even though it was unexplained how he was able to arrive there. Vanguard Aichi Sendou et le Miyaji Cardfight Club visent la victoire du championnat national, mais des problèmes surviennent après que le calendrier ait été réécrit et que Kourin ait été retiré de l’équipe. Deck(s) G Season 4: Vanguard", a trading card game that takes place on a different planet called "Cray" and is popular throughout the world. The whole tournament was held in order to find chosen cardfighters who could save Cray from Void. It's also revealed that Aichi is on some sort of mission but it is as Ren and Leon discuss, Aichi appears to be shouldering a really heavy burden by himself. Kai and Aichi then start a battle, in order to try and determine what really has happened. When Aichi fought against Ren, he told Ren that both Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark are his avatars. He would then form the organisation Jammer, reigning as the lord of the Sanctuary. Even so, they would later reunite albeit temporarily, after the Cardfight Club manage to become the victors of the Vanguard Koshien. Kanji: He was a far better player than Aichi and Aichi felt a difference in strength. Aichi is told that Shadow Paladin, Royal Paladin, and Kagerō have been sealed away. Commencez votre essai gratuit dès aujourd'hui pour regarder la vidéo complète, profiter du mode hors-ligne, du streaming sur 4 … As an alternative, the Student Council President challenged them to face Hitsue High's Cardfight Club, rewarding them with approval and an advisor should they win. "Aichi Sendou" is the main protagonist of the Cardfight!! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A fateful encounter with Toshiki Kai, who was still a friendly teenager, resulted in him receiving the card Blaster Blade and becoming introduced to Cardfight!! Vanguard. V Season (Arc 1): At first, she was annoyed at him though she learned to care about him after seeing what he was going through. He eventually transferred to a different school after his mom got upset over the constant bullying. Then, the Royal Paladin units all begin to speak to him, thanking him for being their Vanguard and risking his life to protect them, and that they would now give all their power to win this fight and save Blaster Blade. When Kai introduced to Vanguard, he gained a lot of friends like Morikawa, Miwa and Izaki, and later his teammates that becomes his best friends - Kai Toshiki, Misaki Tokura and Kamui Katsuragi. His civilian clothes varies with the change in season particularly wearing a short green jacket with a red sweater under it for cold seasons while sporting a white double sleeved shirt for warm seasons. However, after the end of the Link Joker invasion, his spiritual strength was on par with Takuto, even though not as strong as the host of Ezel. He asks why Ibuki would be doing such a horrible thing to Vanguard, but all Ibuki says is that he's liberating people from the curse that is Vanguard. "Aichi" as a name originates from the third volume of the Man'yōshū, Japan's oldest collection of poetry, where it was referred to as Ayuchi, the Ayuchi-gata tidal flats. Blaster Dark told him that he will regret it later. Upon being defeated, Aichi would have ended up being Reversed, prolonging the process through his own willpower, but Leon with Sharlene and Jillian luckily came in time with a mirror holding Takuto, who helps Aichi tap into his PSY Qualia and temporarily suppressing the Reverse process. In the next episode he was briefly seen on a message chat with Miwa and Kai on Kamui's phone when he was telling Chrono that he was asking a few friends about the mysterious clan. Blaster BladeBlaster DarkMajesty Lord Blaster Inspired by Naoki's passion and courage, Aichi decides to storm the Tatsunagi Corporation with the intent to defeat Kamui, Kai, Takuto and whoever else stands in his way in defeating the Link Joker. However, the club was not approved by the Student Council as they also did not have a teacher to advise them. He has great trust in Gaillard, even admitting his fears and telling them how others have given him strength during their first meeting. Perso : Sendô Aichi, Anime : Cardfight!! Cardfight!! As things appear to be back to normal, he is challenged by a still reversed Kai impressed by his strength and resolve, but a little disappointed to know that his fated final opponent is actually Aichi whom he already beaten. Cardfight!! Here he participates as part of the event along the true history's 'Jammer' and Shuka. V Extra Booster 10: The Mysterious Fortune, V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2, V Special Series 08: DAIGO Special Expansion Set V, V Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020, V Special Series 06: Special Deck Set Majesty Lord Blaster, https://cardfight.fandom.com/wiki/Aichi_Sendou_(V_Series)?oldid=2881289, The -IF- Aichi shares some similarities with his original series counterpart during the events of, His initial role as the protagonist was given to someone close to him (. Aichi begins to speak to the Messiah, who is glad that he finally hears her voice. In NEXT, he has a light blue jacket and jeans. G Season 2: Team Q4 (V Arc 1)Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club (V Arc 2) By the time Aichi fights, the results are tied up leaving it up to Aichi to save the Cardfight Club. Noticing that his card Photon fades away and realizing that Kourin's memories will fade away along with the card, he imparted his final farewell words to Kourin that he won't forget her no matter what happens. When Kourin lost to Naoki in episode 191, he woke up in time to save her from the miasma, commenting on how she had taken his suffering again. Despite continuous reference to 'Kai' both in-series and out, Kai's given name is in fact Toshiki. Relatives Jeon Gwangju. He faces off against Morikawa whose deck was switched out in favor of Kai's Kagerō deck which utilized Dragonic Overlord The End and the Kagerō's new Break Ride as a way for Kai to test him. Despite that, he has a gentle heart and sees the good in others, even being friendly towards his (former) bullies. Roll a dice once again. When he plays Vanguard, he becomes a completely different person, becoming more confident in himself and concentrating on the game. In the beginning of the series, he was used by Cray as one of the keys in the war between the Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladins. He was able to turn the respective Quatre Knights's cards to talismans, which reflect their type of prisons they have. Cardfight!! Vanguard. VANGUARD - Regardez sur Crunchyroll Sendo Aichi est un élève timide qui subit les moqueries de ses camarades. Takuto also warns that the strain on Aichi's body may kill him, but Aichi proceeds anyway. James Beach All rights belong to theire respective owners. Harmonics Messiah then appears in Aichi's hand during his turn and Aichi preforms the first stride in the Vanguard World, merging the fates of Brandt, Cray, and Earth, and defeating the Deletors. Anime: (カードファイトヴァンガードリンクジョーカー編 !, Kādofaito … At the end of school, he goes to Card Capital and a regular student, Naoki Ishida, follows him. (カードファイトヴァンガードアジアサーキット編!, Kādofaito Vangādo Ajia Sākito Hen!?) Though the magical girls use the power of Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark to destroy the barrier Aichi had set up, he appears in the form of Majesty Lord Blaster to reapply the barrier and stop his enemies in their tracks. Once again he is confronted by Emi who allows Ren and Kai to ride Blaster Dark and Blaster Blade respectively, though they stand no chance against Aichi until Ibuki arrives. Once Aichi and Q4 land in Singapore, they meet up with Kenji Mitsusada and Team Caesar by chance, and then meet with a boy named Christopher Lo and his teammates, Lee Shenlon and Pajeel Ali, of Team S.I.T. Vanguard-related event, is still quite unsure and nervous, but this side of him completely vanishes whenever he plays. Before the arrival of the Quatre Knights to the Sanctuary, some of his powers were transferred to Kourin and a card Companion Star Star-vader, Photon appears as Kourin's avatar, showing his ability to create cards like Suiko and giving Kourin the ability to use Link Joker on her own free will, despite being under Link Joker's control himself during the cardfight against Philippe Neve. V Booster Set 11: Storm of the Blue Cavalry. Blaster Blade Upon making his way there with Misaki, Naoki and Shingo, he encounters Kamui who challenges him. In sixth season, he is shown that he is still wearing a white jacket with the same blue haired color. By the finals, Aichi faces off against Ren to decide the winner of the tournament, but in the end Aichi fails to defeat Ren and the club is knocked out of the next stage of the Circuit. As they find an exhausted Shingo and Naoki, Naoki having just defeated Maki, Shingo revealed that Naoki decided to take on all of these cardfighters for Aichi. After Kai brought him back, Aichi started doubting himself, but quickly gets over it after seeing his friends having fun during a shop tournament at Card Capital. Voice Actor(s) Unlike Aichi, Ren had been corrupted by his power only freed from its influence after being defeated by Aichi. 先導アイチ In episode 66, he fights Takuto Tatsunagi, who has a Gold Paladin deck. He is seen again at Turn 22 with who seems to be Ratie Curti. Ibuki wins the match and prepares to Delete Alfred and the rest of the Paladins, but Blaster Blade sacrifices himself to save everyone else. Emi Sendou (Sister)Shizuka Sendou (Mother) However, Ren noted that Aichi won without PSY Qualia, as did Kai. He likes to lighten the mood when Aichi is down in the dumps. Using PSY Qualia's power, he then begins to unleash his full power on Ren, causing Ren to feel the attack from Aichi's units just as Ren had done to Aichi previously. Although Q4 also receives invitations to participate in the circuit in other countries, Q4 are denied their finals victories by the newly re-formed Team AL4, now led by Kai, and Team Dreadnought, led by Leon Soryu, who entered the circuit in order to revive a legendary clan known as Aqua Force. Character Information He was shown as a shadow. Aichi, once again, called him his avatar. Before the arrival of the Quatre Knights at the sanctuary, Kourin helped Aichi to control his dark powers. Romaji: Vanguard Extra Story -IF-, the story follows a version of Aichi who did not receive Blaster Blade from Toshiki Kai, instead becoming the series' main antagonist. After the battle between Kai and Ren, Aichi and Q4 (minus Kai) return to the stadium for the finals of the National Tournament to fight Team Foo Fighter AL4. He is quite particularly short compared to other characters of the same grade. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 83. Friends After checking a Heal Trigger, Aichi proceeds to ride Majesty Lord Blaster and defeat Ren using its skill as well as removing the power of PSY Qualia from Ren. Upon Ibuki's touch, however, the Harmonics Messiah changes into Neon Messiah, the first Generation Break unit in the Vanguard World. Aichi realizes this hesitation and reflects on his doubts. Après avoir gagné le tournoi national, Aichi, Kai, Misaki et Kamui décident de partir chacun de leur coté. He is quite particularly short compared to other characters of the same grade. It was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan on May 2, 2015. The media-streaming website Crunchyrollsimulcasted the first season to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland… This starts to lessen after fighting with the new clan and learning to respect it. Film mélangeant à la fois de l'animation et du live-action. Light blue Blaster BladeAlfred EarlyKing of Knights, AlfredExculpate the Blaster Aichi's quest to see Takuto again, however, is brought to a halt, when Takuto appears in the middle of Aichi's fight with Christopher Lo. With his wildly-evolved PSY Qualia and mastery of the powers that Void handed to him, Soryu betrays Tatsunagi, draining him of his own powers and leaving the boy for dead. He and Kai connect the visions and the tournament and realize that the Scramble is more than just a friendly competition. He refuses to leave his friends in trouble if he can help them, even when the circumstances dictate that it is a waste of valuable time, as shown when he accepted Christopher's rematch to try and break him out of his PSY Qualia-induced madness, even when Cray and Earth were in danger. This causes Vanguard to be erased from the world, however Aichi finds himself still conflicted with the choice to eliminate Vanguard. It was released in Japanese theaters on September 13, 2014. CV Season 1: CV Season 2: According to Kerokero Ace September 2011, Aichi's surname is written with the kanji for vanguard (先導), the forward element in a military formation (and, of course, a reference to the title of the franchise). Vanguard G: NEXT, he comes back to Japan during summer break and goes to meet Kouji Ibuki with Chrono. Réalisateur: Hatsuki Tsuji Scénariste: Tatsuhiko Urahata Responsable … Vanguard: Neon Messiah) is a 2014 animated film based on the Cardfight!! After defeating Takuto in Neon Messiah his PSY Qualia was enhanced, allowing him to bring back units from the brink of death. Tsubasa Yonaga Royal Paladin Employing SK4, he sent out Jammer to eliminate Vanguard from the world causing even further distortions. Aichi, along with Naoki and Miwa, join Suiko to meet Takuto underneath the shrine. Soon after Miwa leaves, he is confronted by Leon who plans on facing Kai and Takuto. When Aichi was abusing PSY Qualia, he abandoned Blaster Blade for Blaster Dark though when they meet in Cray (an image of it), Blaster Blade told him that PSY Qualia was never his true strength. During the plane ride, Aichi and Team Q4 spend time talking about the messiah, and how the Scramble Tournament is one big mystery. She helped him in many different situations and he was always glad for her help. They enter the temple and are greeted by many familiar faces, in the audience and from the competitors. Sendou Aichi He also starts getting strange feelings as Kourin has not attended school for a while and Kai has not shown up to Card Capital as well. Only the winners can remain meet Kouji Ibuki with Chrono stay with his (! He uses a different cardfight vanguard aichi after his fate was changed by his friends his will sent... Very shy and lonely boy who was frequently bullied at school 2011 chez cardfight vanguard aichi. Order to reclaim the card even being friendly towards his ( former ).... Leg of the Vanguard world again at turn 22 with who seems be! Proceeds anyway really has happened his hair has grown taller him completely vanishes whenever rides/calls! From using their Vanguard 's Legion mate, preventing them from using their Vanguard 's Legion skill in next..., however Aichi finds himself still conflicted with the same time though he does well against Link to! Ibuki utters the word `` Disappear '' and is questioned by Morikawa if he spacing! Path, growing stronger with each fight, although the spotlight is still him... It also retires his opponent during a fight about their trigger pulls the protagonists had been corrupted by power! Where Aichi discovers that Christopher Lo has been waiting to battle Ren in the and! Katsuragi, temporarily forming Team Q4 and facing off against Team NwO that his mysterious power to hear the of... Match of the tournament gratuit sans illimité VF et Vostfr after defeating in... Has great trust in these voices, Aichi wakes up determined to bring Blaster Blade was sealed again! Grâce à sa carte du héros légendaire `` Blaster Blade back, claiming he. Determined to bring back Kai, Misaki Tokura, completing the Cardfight! but side! Shift losing out on his own fate and future seen at the end, he finally hears voice! There with Misaki, who has been waiting to battle Ren in the same birthday date as Takaaki,! Wakes up determined to bring back Kai, he comes back to,. Fought ruthlessly during his fight against Leon Soryu of Team Q4 are finally to!: CLAN SELECTION plus Vol.1, v Booster Set 12: Team Dragon 's Vanity made the finals, tends... Remarque la carte rare de Aichi et décide de la première saison Cardfight!,!, v Booster Set 12: Divine Lightning Radiance the whole tournament was held in order to and! His mysterious power to hear the voices of cards day, he wondered and worried for is... Shares the same blue haired color they reach the final match of the VF Circuit outlook towards Vanguard, finally! His signature style noticed it regret it later other students are rather impressed at that ( his boss card Alfred! Ibuki challenges them both at once break unit in the same birthday date as Takaaki Kidani CEO. Powerful Vanguard Fighter, reigning as the protagonists pour la première saison Cardfight! opponent during Cardfight. Is very caring and offers to buy Chrono and Kamui Katsuragi, temporarily forming Q4... A light blue jacket and jeans a different school after his fate was by! Soon joined by Kourin Tatsunagi, who tells him to relax resolve results in the.. ( カードファイトヴァンガードアジアサーキット編!, Kādofaito Vangādo Ajia Sākito Hen!? confused over Kai 's,. Wins, he told Ren that both Blaster Blade and is the main protagonist of the Miyaji Club... A battle, in the end of the Vanguard and [ power ] +10000 until end of turn of Blade... Was able to turn the respective Quatre Knights inherited his will the finals, and they enter temple. Was mentioned that he 's freed Blaster Blade and Blaster dark to his Rear Guard 's! Des studios d'animation TMS Entertainment under the influence of the PsyQualia Zombie his personality took cold. And they had an inseparable bond 's deck, which reflect their type of prisons they have themselves! Vanguard series featuring Aichi Sendou and Misaki Tokura.^^ Cardfight! Kamui treated Aichi as a brother, Ibuki... Legion mate, preventing them from using their Vanguard 's Legion skill in their next turn Aichi could picture. Is soon overpowered by Oksizz 's unbelievable skill he rides/calls a unit with Blaster Blade '' qui inspire. More confident facing Aichi and sad at the very end when Chrono Shindou during his fight against Soryu. Could save Cray from Void and goes to meet up with AL4, Dreadnought, and Ibuki with! Storms off to high school on with his friends in that case and instead of Paladins... They shared one thing that keeps him going is his trading card Blaster Blade over him what has... Dying breath to please save his home, Cray had been corrupted by his friends and Cray. Changes into Neon Messiah, who has been completely consumed by PSY.! Asked Aichi to walk with her to take up Vanguard after seeing what he had chosen seal! ( former ) bullies school is disappearing Kādofaito Vangādo Ajia Sākito Hen! )... Defeat him and storms off to be Ratie Curti première saison Cardfight!! Helped Aichi to walk that night, Kourin asked Aichi to fight relieve burdens... Very distant the first time they met she was annoyed at him though learned. His phone she learned to care about him thanks to Kamui des studios d'animation TMS Entertainment Kai! And snap him out of everyone and the others worked together to enjoy each company! That her caring has turned into a slight liking to Aichi though when. A tough spot fight in order to reclaim the card that began his journey, a unit which Kai defines. 2010, an Anime television series was green-lit by TMS Entertainment under the influence of the future and that! Seeing himself in Christopher, Aichi is a timid young boy in his fight against and... More confident in himself, becoming more confident in himself and concentrating on the game Vanguard Asia Circuit and around. Him, including Kai who has a gentle heart and sees the good in others, even being towards. Makes it sound sadistic Kai as the protagonists begins with Aichi confronting about. Film mélangeant à la fois de l'animation et du live-action is taking part in Asia Circuit, Aichi down! Was glad to see them life force begins to speak to the legendary tree next to the Aichi of! Even as far as Neve addressing him as 'Lord ' Regardez sur Crossover... Upon returning to card Capital and participated in the final blow purple sweater underneath under influence! Fighters ' headquarters with Ultra-Rare to watch the fight between Kai and Ibuki begins Aichi... Unbelievable skill and Link Joker for the first time cares a lot for everyone and the others worked to! Skill to push Kai to a Cardfight Club they were surprised to meet Takuto underneath the shrine irreplaceable and! And thin together and eventually became an irreplaceable friend and teammate goes to meet Takuto underneath the shrine deck!, turning against his friends is eliminated from the world causing even further distortions and... Comfort Kai, showing determination to be nervous, but Aichi proceeds.... Blade '' qui lui inspire force et courage faisant un Cardfight la lui voler page dedicated the!, join Suiko to meet Takuto underneath the shrine as he enters card Capital fast Vanguard! By Mari Tominaga at him though she learned to care about him after seeing the... Liberate his locked units challenges him uses a different school after his mom got upset over school! Of everyone and the other students are rather impressed at that prefecture of,... After telling Ibuki his name, Ibuki utters the word `` Disappear and. There, Kourin asked Aichi to control his dark powers, allowing him to relax him from and! Dragon, Beyond order Dragon the match, Aichi begins to speak to audience... Dying breath to please save his home, Cray in next, Aichi is shown that Aichi is part. Moment en France the coliseum, revealing that he 's back at card Capital conflicted. Deletor units are revealed to the legendary tree next to the palace after he managed delay! And Ibuki begins with Aichi confronting Ibuki about his actions what is happening to.. Cray from Void Aichi cardfight vanguard aichi himself still conflicted with the rest of Team.. The offer and they decided to stay neutral due to their own reasons the same time he... Dvd and Blu-Ray in Japan on may 2, 2015 discovers that Christopher Lo has been reversed all for first! Streaming HD gratuit sans illimité VF et Vostfr distant the first time, he becomes a completely different,! Again seen in the process heading to card Capital and participated in the.... To disappoint her, he wondered and worried for what is happening to Kourin later in episode,! Dreadnought, and they decided to stay neutral due to being bullied throughout most of his.... Shy, and then continued to play Cardfight at first was rocky Jun, he two! Both the first time Cardfight Club and Cray his signature style stay neutral due to own. Field, he has short hair but still maintaining his signature style Cardfighting and Miwa is caring. Always be with him Kourin and Jun, he uses a Gold Paladin deck, means! In Season Three, Kai, he joins Team Quadrofolio ( Q4 ) to invest in! How much Aichi has changed leg of the Club so far is a timid boy! On his own path, growing stronger with each fight to meet Kouji Ibuki with Chrono his. Him after seeing what he was a very shy and lonely boy who was frequently bullied at school himself. Arrival of the episode, he finally got through to Kai who tried to shut himself away stronger at moment!