Aglaonema Crispum is also quite an undemanding plant, as well as other kinds of the genus. This showy plant is also sometimes referred to as the ‘painted drop tongue’ and can grow up to 24-inches tall. I have an Aglaonema (also commonly known as a Chinese Evergreen) at my desk at work. Aglaonema Crispum is considered to be a shade tolerant plant with glossy dark green leaves with silver edges. The Aglaonema Silver Queen, with its silver and green variegated foliage, looks so regal and classy that it really seems fit for a queen! Chinese evergreen is an easy-to-grow plant that survives well in every indoor condition, and purifies the air as well! Chinese evergreen plants are highly poisonous to dogs, horses, and cats. All cultivars of Chinese Evergreens have an abundance of attractive variegated foliage which can range from the bold, deep red of the variety ‘Red Emerald’ to the silvery and dark green leaves of the popular variety ‘Silver Queen’. The Silver Queen, also known as a Chinese Evergreen, is a delightful and easy addition to any houseplant collection. Whichever one you go with, the propagation and growth tips remain the same. Aglaonema- Silver Queen: As the name implies, this plant has silver or cream patterns on deep green leaves. ... Aglaonema Silver Queen - Chinese Evergreen. They thrive in low light, bright Chinese evergreen is known by several names; A modestum, Emerald Bay, A. commutatum, Silver Queen, A pictum, Harlequin, and many others. Like most Chinese Evergreen cultivars it grows in the bottom layer of the rainforest and along the banks of rivers and small lakes. It is the perfect plant to go for if you want to bring those lush, tropical vibes to your space. The dense bush makes this species one of the most grown Chinese evergreens. Best part? 8. They make a strong display alone but also work really well when grouped. Are Chinese Evergreens Toxic to Humans & Pets? This ‘Silver Queen’ has silvery markings on slender green leaves and has a compact habit. 10.00. This is how it looked today, a Monday; last Thursday, I removed the dead and dying leaves, so the yellowing … Silver Queen offers brightened silver leaves that are thin and long, whereas the Cecilia has wide, deep green leaves. Known far and wide as the gold standard of Chinese evergreen plants, Silver Queen is probably the most widespread and commonly-grown variety. Pest mostly avoids the Chinese evergreen and it is also resistant to most herbicides. Over the past month or so, its leaves have been yellowing and dying rapidly. With so many benefits to offer, it makes for a great houseplant to grow! Its leaf patterning is cream on a dark green base, and it thrives in low to moderate lighting conditions. Aglaonema Silver Queen is the most popular variety of chinese evergreen, its a hybrid variety introduced around 40 years ago by Nat De Leon, many hybrids came and went but its still equally popular and it can be found in most of the nurseries around the world. Aglaonema ‘Silver King’ Aglaonema Silver Queen. Aglaonema Silver Queen - Chinese Evergreen. The leaves are more elongated and have more graceful shapes than other species. They aren’t particular about where the light source is. With variegated silvery green lance leaves they add instant to any boring room.