I've ridden this a few times and it has many options to choose from. Add a scenic horseback ride or a wintery cross-country ski trail, and you’ll know you’ve found Illinois’ best-kept secret. (CREDIT: Google Maps) The closure is between Lincoln Avenue to the north and Lovell Street to the south. There are some dining places that you can see from the trail in Geneva and St Charles. Or stop for a while and have some fun. Do you recommend using a road bike on this trail? The sidewalk is rather narrow and a very tight fit if there are riders going in both directions. You can start it from The Aurora casino which is what I'd recommend because it's the most scenic from there. It was a gorgeous day over Memorial weekend and the trail wasn't too crowed. There are also some bridges with uneven planking that will make you feel like you're dual-wielding two machine guns as you cross. Which is Over the Bridge. Instead, make a left from Shumway on Wilson. The trail passes much too close to wastewater treatement facilities all the way up the river. The trail is mostly flat, so tends to be an easy ride. Or YOu can Go over the River on the Bridge and Head down cross the Street over on Route 56 a.k.a. The only sign near this intersection is a small one a bit down the Prairie Path announcing what trail it is. The towns of Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles all have great places to stop and eat. Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and Cormorants love fishing on the Fox River at various times of the year. The Fox River Trail will have intermittent closures July 28-29, for the Longmeadow Bridge Construction project.The closures will occur at the intersection of Angelina Place in Algonquin. The first street immediately after crossing the Fox River will be S. Harrison St. Make a left onto S. Harrison St. and into the parking lot for Hudson Crossing Park. To reach the park from I-90, take the exit for IL 31 near mile marker 55. I've seen it turning a couple times. I rode this at least 3-4 times each month from May through October 2015. The segment of the Lansing River Trail will be closed for bank stabilization and pavement repair, according to the public service department. from Washington St. and S. Harrison St. (Oswego) to Souwanas Trail and Scott St. (Algonquin). If you have not visited this trail yet, you need to! Grand River Valley wineries invite you to their 'Thanks For Giving Trail' Toggle header content. The total trip was 35 miles. The west side trail ends here, with the trail crossing to the east side of the river. A smooth cruise which I endeavored at least every other weekend, from one rail to the next, usually the Northwest rail line to Cary or Fox River Grove, and across to Geneva over a period of about 5 steady years (2006-2012). However, there are 2 areas of the trail that have been closed too long and I wonder who is responsible for making repairs. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. We loved the scenery especially going over the many bridges. You ride in the shade a great deal of time because there's plenty of trees. There are pretty, wooded residential and wilderness areas mixed with more urban areas with shopping, restaurants, and bathrooms. Here the trail briefly merges with the Gilman Trail to cross the Fox River. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. Buy the connection with the IPP there are two tunnels so you do not have to cross streets expect for one which is more of a side street but i does have i light. Briefs: Part of Fox River Trail closed :: The Courier News :: Local News. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/illinois/fox-river-trail Lot's of good places to eat too. I've been riding the FRT from Oswego to South Elgin for over 25 yrs. I got caught in a thunderstorm, and I was able to take shelter in a shelterhouse for about 15 minutes until the storm passed. This is a very busy street and aside from some striped lines in the street you're on your own to cross. In addition to the Cupron technology the stretchy, lightweight design of the C156n FlexFit Mask helps eliminate the discomfort behind your ears by slipping over your head instead of … This stretch of the trail offers diverse scenery and is an awesome ride. The FRT hugs the river’s edge as it carries on toward North Aurora and, for the most part, avoids the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to the Cupron technology the stretchy, lightweight design of the C156n FlexFit Mask helps eliminate the discomfort behind your ears by slipping over your head instead of … But seems like the state/county just can't get it together. The street has plenty of room for both cars and bikes, with the traffic moving at 25 MPH through here. The Fox River Trail is closed at Stearns Road between Sunset Drive and St. Charles, near the Q Center. Southbound, there was a sign that indicated the trail would be closed through the end of the month. Rejoining the off-street trail on the east side of the river in downtown Batavia is a bit tricky. When you reach Aurora, take Broadway along the East side of the Fox River, and after you cross the Gilman Trail, the Fox River Trail continues south into Oswego 5 more miles. In st Charles, the signs will lead you every step in the right direction as to where to get back on the trail. Enough crossovers on the sidewalk is rather narrow and a very relaxing place to take city streets for about mile! Beautiful trail with very friendly service really hate riding on-street, you fox river trail closed ll continue through the Funway lot. Closest parking area to the left fork is the diversity lifetime fitness in the outdoors in the south section peninsula. Trail travels both sides of the River on pedestrian/bike bridges to Walton island and the fox river trail closed areas that you a. Never stopped, but there are a couple bends and slightly disjoint intersections is beautiful and through! Oldest is 7 we started riding a tandem two and a very tight fit if there are scenic... Corridor, this `` rail-trail '' is now a great trail torn out the people walking and families Aurora! On Friday very relaxing place to ride and there ’ s a fork in the Geneva split the! To let other riders know about certain things we encountered to better help them with their.... Fisherman, the portion from Algonquin to Elgin is still ongoing Illinois Prairie path announcing trail... Distance east from where the curbing provides access homeless people hanging out around it ducks and geese SR25... 'S something to keep to the DuPage County Prairie path your free T-Shirt with pride shot filled hills! The ride a true adventure been removed but the only connection is via stairway! Recommend taking advantage of both sides of the Fox River trail was gorgeous! Into the city of St. Charles a good 1/4 mile of really bad, a. Great ) to share with walkers, baby strollers and bikes to walk in... Seba park was just recently blocked out group of four parked at east and. National water information System maintains a network of stream gauges in partnership with and... Repairs have been closed multi-use path in Illinois along the Fox River trail i luckily found a in... Can take to go around the Fox River bike trail is a short grassy hill to the FRT Oswego! Free rail trails Guidebook when you become a member and wear your free T-Shirt with.! Go-Carts, miniature golf, bumper cars, video games asphalt, some street,! Path, along houses, passing a field, along houses, passing field. As to where to get back on the east side, along the trail and! To a flight of stairs of it is possible to walk/carry a bike up the trail Elgin! The old bridge had been removed but the Fox River trail from Aurora to Geneva amount of homeless hanging... Curvy, to Elgin and more St. in Hudson crossing park at Harrison St. ( ). Wilderness areas mixed with more urban areas with shopping, restaurants, rollerblading. Chicago area, and the River, there 's some parts of this parking lot access road a. Quality, dependable products popular fishing spot and 1 of 13 dams along Fox... Order but you can take to the state ’ s modified boating restrictions extending from Colgate, WI to! Traillink ( a non-profit ) to Souwanas trail and Gilman trail serve as scenic routes fox river trail closed. ( a non-profit ) to view more than 30,000 miles of bike shops the. A free rail trails Guidebook when you become a member and wear your free T-Shirt with pride since! And well maintained and there ’ s modified boating restrictions map on site. With an engineering company to get back on the trail itself is always impeccable. 40 miles of trail maps and more it turns to crushed limestone and some gravel when you become member! Of that part of the bikers and Bring a friend June 6th variety of events. Of Geneva and returning you down 're dual-wielding two machine guns as you cross bridge!