The below info-graphic presents more information regarding the difference between primary xylem and secondary xylem. The xylem vessels form thickenings which form pit fields. Side by Side Comparison – Primary Xylem vs Secondary Xylem in Tabular Form 4. The primary xylem develops from the apical meristem during the primary growth, while the secondary xylem develops from the lateral meristem during the secondary growth. Secondary xylem is found in two main groups of plants; conifers and angiosperms. The key difference between primary xylem and secondary xylem tissue in plants is their development. Xylem form the major bulk of the plant body while phloem form the major bulk of the bark Phloem has … During the primary growth, the primary xylem first differentiates into the protoxylem, followed by the differentiation to the metaxylem. The xylem in eudicots usually forms a cross of cells inside the stele which runs the length of the root. What are the Similarities Between Primary Xylem and Secondary Xylem? They are endarch, exarch, centrarch and mesarch. Soluble mineral nutrients and water is taken from the roots to the various parts of the plant. The formation of the primary xylem takes place during the primary growth in flowering and non-flowering vascular plants. difference between xylem and phloem. parenchyma, fibers and vessels. All rights reserved. Xylem and phloem constitute vascular bundles together and provide food, water, and other minerals towards all parts of the plants such as stems, roots, and leaves of the plants. Metaxylem has more full vessels and tracheids than protoxylem. Primary phloem. Moreover, the primary xylem originates from the procambium, while the secondary xylem originates from the vascular cambium. Phloemhas sieve tubes, companion cells, bast fibers as its elements. Figure 2. Difference # Primary Phloem: 1. In conclusion, xylem and phloem are vascular tissues of the plants with some structural differences, but the function of both is the same, transportation of food. The main difference between primary xylem and secondary xylem is that primary xylem is formed by the primary growth of the procambium whereas secondary xylem is formed by the secondary growth of the vascular cambium. Best-fibres are absent. In large woody plants, the secondary xylem is differentiated into sapwood and heartwood. Associated with the growth of primary plant body. There are four types of xylem cells in the primary xylem. 2. In phloem, the concentration of organic substances inside a phloem cell creates a diffusion gradient by which water flows into the cells, and phloem sap moves from source or organic substance to sugar sinks by turgor pressure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Moreover, both consist of xylem vessels, xylem tracheids, xylem parenchyma and xylem fibres. Xylem exists as non-living tissue at maturity, on the other hand, phloem exists as living cells. Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. Xylem also offers mechanical support to the plant. It adds secondary xylem to the interior and secondary phloem to the exterior and parenchyma cells to extend existing rays or to form new rays (fig.1). 1. The word “xylem” has derived from the word “xylon” means wood, whereas the word “phloem” has derived from “pholos” means “bark.”. Xylem often contains the bulk of the plant body, but the conducting cells are dead, whereas phloem formulae a small part of the plant body and the conducting cells are living. cells produced outside Cambial ring are called secondary PHLOEM cells and cells produced inside CAMBIAL RING are SEC. Secondary Xylem & Phloem?” Home Guides | SF Gate, 21 Nov. 2017, Available here. However, the xylem vessels are much shorter and wider in the secondary xylem. Xylem is one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants, phloem being the other. They conduct water from the root tips to the upper parts of the plant body for various metabolic functions. The development of xylem takes place in two stages. The upcoming discussion will update you about the differences between Primary Phloem and Secondary Phloem. The cells produced outwards from the cambial ring differentiate into cells of the secondary xylem, and those separated inwards – into cells of the secondary phloem. Phloem loading and unloading bring about translocation. Also, they provide structural strength to the plant. The xylem and phloem are developed within the central section of a root known as a ‘stele’. In phloem, positive hydrostatic pressures are responsible for transportation. These are thickly walled located in the center of the cell. The plant’s body is also composed of cells and tissues. Xylem tissues have unidirectional movement while phloem tissues have bidirectional movement. Xylem is dead, complicated and permanent vascular tissue. Similarities Between Primary Xylem and Secondary Xylem In the young parts of the stem, the xylem and phloem are together organized as vascular bundles. Vessels also contain tylose deposits. Secondary phloem, the tissue produced to the outside of the vascular cambium, is also a complex tissue that includes an axial and a ray system.Like the xylem, the axial system in secondary phloem includes conducting cells, either sieve cells in conifers or sieve tube members in the angiosperms, which conduct solutes from the sites of photosynthesis to other parts of the plant. Terms. Secondary phloem shows a more orderly arrangement because its cells do not enlarge greatly. These tissues form a vascular bundle and these work together as a unit. 5. (two tissues) In contrast, the phloem is another living vascular tissue responsible for the transportation of the food and water towards the green parts of the plant, such as leaves. The xylem tissue in higher vascular plants transport water and dissolved minerals across the plant through osmosis and simple diffusion.

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