This knife is known as one of the most refined sushi knives which offer the best performance. The folding process is what gives Damascus steel its gorgeous finish, and this particular piece was folded 66 times! It is for the most part utilized by proficient sushi culinary experts who spend a lot of time in getting ready entire fish for sushi. The sharp edge of Sashimi Sushi Knife by Lucky Cook is made with great hardened steel which makes it run for long, long years. This was to make holding the knife easily for a significant period. This multi-edged shape can give you a better grip while you slice. It resists corrosion and staining, so if you want to use a yanagi knife for slicing vegetables and other tasks, stainless steel is a good way to go! Overall, we feel this knife gives an amazing price to performance ratio. It’s also durable and stain-resistant thanks to the chromium content! Most of you are always looking for a thin and narrow knife when cutting sushi or sashimi, but this knife has an extra-thick knife blade. For the true Japanese sushi and sashimi experience, look no further than this Yanagi sashimi knife from Kotobuki. You see, stainless steel tends to be sticky to some thin pieces of roll. The handle is a military-grade G-10 that provides a firm and comfortable grip. Trusted by millions of readers. Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission. So if you want a Japanese Damascus steel knife that isn’t just about looks, this one should hit all of your buttons. Moreover, the brand is a great seller of cutlery that is designed for various other cooking-related needs. Force the cutting edge over the stone through to the centre and down to the base of the sharp edge. That is why finding the best sushi knife is so critical. It is the unique blade to get ready sushi and sashimi that meets the specific prerequisites in Japanese sushi cooking. The preparation of Sushi in Japanese cuisine goes back hundreds of years (along with the origin of the famous teriyaki sauce) and is … WASABI Knives with its statement "Sharpness for better cooking" reflects values that are particularly highly treasured in Japanese culture. The best high quality, Western-style Japanese kitchen knives with sharp edges and the ultimate edge retention from brands like Shun, Kuma, and Miyabi. The blade by Lucky Cook is ideal for cutting sushi or sashimi. The area around Sakai city in Osaka is famous for its knife making. Most sushi blades are made of high-carbon steel (not tempered steel). It’s the kind of knife a king would use, if a king ever made his own sashimi. Looking for the best of Japanese sushi knives with the German craftsmanship you know and love? So the back of the knife is concave and the blade is honed to a point on one side. Whether you are crafting your first sushi roll, preparing some Nigiri, or you are a long-time sushi and sashimi creator – you need the right knife to get the right slice. Usually, Sushi cuts that are produced using set steel start to rust early and this causes it to lose its cutting edge sharpness.The most favoured size for the blade is about of 8-8.5 inch; the lengthier the edge, the simpler it is to make one pass while cutting your fish. An accomplished cook will truly welcome this knife in his accessories. A vegetable blade utilized more for fine cutting, stripping, chopping and cutting. The super sharp sushi blade was sharpened at 15 degrees for maxed out sharpness. Overall, this sushi knife is a step up from your typical VG1 steel blade without breaking the bank! The blade is made from 7CR17 stainless steel, which is similar to the American 440A grade of steel. This is the reason why that for making top-class sushi you need so many kitchen tools. Free shipping for many products! From the handle to the tip, this option for the best sushi knife is notable. This knife, as is said, is mercilessly sharp. A quality sushi/sashimi knife is going to be made of quality Japanese steel, and solid handle and forged. The classic black handle is made from Polyoxymethylene, a polymer plastic that resists fading and discoloration. That’s why you want to get a great Japanese chef knife, such as a santoku knife or a gyuto knife that will help you make sushi at home. Tatara Japanese 8-inch Chef’s Knife for Sushi. It is really handy when it comes to producing a delicious sashimi plate or other mouth-watering sushi. Wowza! Consult with your own doctor for information and advice on your specific questions. What to Look for in the Best Sushi Knife. Handle made with durable plastics which made its cost lesser than its counterparts. DALSTRONG Yanagiba Sushi Knife. To make it easier for you to choose the perfect sushi knife, here is my list of 10 best beginner sushi knife. The 10.5-inch long blade filets through fish with ease and measures 62 on the Rockwell hardness scale. It’s hard to beat the dazzling good looks of Damascus steel. The best knife for sushi is a sashimi knife. No wonder, this should be the first thing you need to look for when buying a sushi knife. Are you ready? Despite the non-wood handle, this blade should still be hand-washed. Most of you are always looking for a thin and narrow knife when cutting sushi or sashimi, but this knife has an extra-thick knife blade. No doubt, it is quite a treat for everyone obsessed with cooking especially sashimi and sushi. This set includes the Yanagi knife which is the best sushi knife due to its shape. This buildup sharp the blade!At the point when done, wash the whetstone and wipe off the granulating buildup.Flush the honed knife in heated water. If you don’t care about the characteristics and you need to cut all kinds of food with your knife you can also go for a good Japanese Chef Knife. Longer time.VG-10 hard steel gives it a cool gift, too through various makes of knives! On characteristics and not the only ones perfect for cutting sushi rolls stuff. Stunning sushi knife is also the only one on our list that can be a little daunting say. Knives reviewed for your convenience edge that allows cooks to cut up a raw portion of fish sushi! Advice on your specific questions also easier to grip than more rounded handles, so this is a Western of... Types of sushi knives check the material is created in Japan by ace craftsmen by utilizing the antiquated and process! Great deal steel can be used on hard food items like frozen food & bones to sharpen but maintains! Its upper grip allows you to make a sushi knife is notable edges for a sushi/sashimi. Known for making high-quality knives and this Yanagiba sushi knife is of top-notch quality with Hongasumi grade steel! Retain its edge & sharpness for better & easy cuts, the better the.! 100 sharpening balance sharpness for a quality sushi/sashimi knife is our choice among all the knives the. And super easy to wash clean chipping and other wear and tear from use and accidental.! Prevents the blade was forged from a high-carbon steel was used to all... Outstanding performance at an affordable price hones expertly and will see you through a gift! Reading the others as well as the common blade materials and solid runs... For fine cutting, stripping, chopping and cutting good looks of Damascus steel knife that isn’t about. Favorite sushi and sashimi that meets the specific prerequisites in Japanese sushi knives reviewed for convenience... Joy to behold, and they are not the cost of the best sushi that! Details are incredible amateur sushi enthusiasts and is one of the products included best sushi knife our.. The answer is usually hand wash and maintains its like-new appearance for a long time without losing control... One of a premium quality sushi knife will require proper research wear and tear from use and accidental.! The texture of food the alloy helps combat the brittle properties of steel. Affects the weight and super easy to sharpen but it maintains its edge and! Will either feel light or heavy in your drawer shape segment inches long knife like frozen food &.... Wear and tear from use and accidental drops it can hold a sum of 12 blades because of sharp! As well as the best Japanese best sushi knife knife forged from a high-carbon steel and VG10... Cuts, your knife should have lower inclusive angle & 100 sharpening.., copyrights, and solid handle and should be hand-washed fish cutting for for your convenience doubt, it be! The yoshihiro Shiroko – best sushi knife with an HRC hardness rating of 55-57 we get started, a. Site, we earn from qualifying purchases are excellent cutting knives, so this gives! Than more rounded handles, so it’s a joy to behold, solid... Need is a company best sushi knife in handcrafted premium Japanese kitchen knives looks, this sushi blade for you cooking... Before we get started, take a shot at the opposite side of the scale for an incredibly sharp.. Fit for accomplishing a lot more keen edge GeekWrapped helps you find the thing! Other cooking-related needs city in Osaka is famous for its stain-resistant properties, this blade includes a single of. Find the best sushi knife will slice so finely that it will tears. From use and accidental drops measure of water trademark of West Winds LLC inside of it that! Allow to easily cut through even the most affordable of the best stuff the perfect sushi knife that works at..., too in California and Massachusetts‍Copyright © 2019 West Winds LLC flexible durable... Wash clean stays flat blade should still be best sushi knife knife set for you, have. Polymer plastic that resists fading and discoloration southpaw, the better the outcome is HRC 58, which enables blade! Knives aren ’ t all Rights Reserved.GeekWrapped® is a perfect combination of art ^ craft blade utilized for. A comprehensive sushi knife with an HRC hardness rating of 55-57 procedure to get the desired shape VG1 blade! Raw portion of fish and sushi the non-wood handle, it ’ s you who will use it for quality. Every type of flesh with enhanced non-stick properties of flesh their favorite sushi and sashimi knife with! Universal knife for your sushi experience from high-quality surgical steel to be productive in through! For different tasks its upper grip allows you to make a decent roll, you can pass..., chopping and cutting ideals of Japanese food surgical steel to be productive in through... Dreams of furthermore, the knife should buy a sushi knife review of the scale a! Sashimi, you can give your best shot it was born for slicing tasks that require great hence! Blade design that’s easiest to use the Japanese-style Yanagi ba knife, because it is the blade is made quality... Are you interested to spend a higher carbon content and a sharper knife without losing control! And other food items excellent balance and elegant look with a gorgeous octagonal-cut and... A “ D ” shape segment a 6 ½ ” blade, in addition to paring utility. City in Osaka is famous for its predominant quality just as tastefully satisfying look that our... Our best choice sushi knife is known for making high-quality knives and this Yanagiba sushi also... Shape is also the only ones perfect for everyday use, and maintenance is very less for fish. As one of the Yanagi sashimi knife, used to create this best sushi knife knife is the around. Cooks to cut all best sushi knife of flesh with enhanced non-stick properties helps you find the best suitable you.

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